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The hospital where I work has a new DON. He has implemented a new policy where missing more than three days in four months due to illness will result in termination. Now we have nurses working with... Read More

  1. by   VickyRN
    There is a potent federal law called the Family Medical Leave Act. What your DON is doing (especially if one has a valid dr's excuse) is almost certainly in violation of this act. DON had better watch out, or the hospital will be shelling out big bucks in fines and lawsuit settlements.
    Personally, I would not stay in such a place. I would be out of there so fast that there wouldn't be time for the door to hit me on the way out. (I hardly ever call in sick; it's just the principle of the thing--NURSE ABUSE/NO RESPECT.) Why put up with such abuse when there are so many facilities literally BEGGING for nurses nowadays????
  2. by   dawngloves
    This has made me think of all the nurses AND docs I've seen at work that are sick. It's almost like a martyrdom.
    " I feel awful." "My temp is 101*" " HACK HACK HACK!" " BARF!"
    Well what the heck are you doing around these already sick people that can't afford another illness?!?! Does Nosocomial mean anything to you? Are you trying to win an award?
    And don't try and make me feel guilty about calling out. I won't have it on my concious when my stomach virus runs rampant though the unit!
    Just my little side rant. : )
  3. by   hapeewendy
    that DON guy is crazy, plain and simple
    and highly uneducated about illness also from the sounds of it. I would go above him , to hospital management, infection control, human resources, occupational health, heck whoever could offer some reason to this poor fool who is clearly lacking common sense.

    I used to haul butt to the hospital even when sick,and have seen many of my co workers do the same, which would be fine if your performance as a nurse could be unaffected by your illness, if you could cope with the multitude of stasks in a day while youre spiking a temp or having the runs, and if your patients couldnt end up sicker merely by you being there.....

    too bad thats not the reality of the situation
    sick staff leads to more sick staff and sicker patients, what might be a simple little bug to you or I could kill that cute little 94 year old lady with sepsis, pneumonia, DM, etc, you get the point

    I'd have to say that although I'm not one to cause conflict and pretty much roll with the punches
    I would make a big issue out of this one!