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Hey all, in response to one of NrsKarenRN's threads, (can't remember the title), But it involved the bill before congress to improve the collection of evidence for sexual assaults. Today l got a... Read More

  1. by   -jt
    I cant get into the search browser right now. There is usally a list on the Govt Affairs page. If you cant get there either, send an email to the Govt Affairs dept addresses I gave you in that post up there & just ask them! I dont know whos running in your states. You can also call your own state assoc yourself & ask which of your local candidates they recommended for ANAs endorsment.
  2. by   Youda
    I'm sure the ANA and local associations are endorsing someone, but the problem is that this informaiton is not easy to find. Very few people will take the time to make that phone call, unfortunately, just as very few votes don't take the time to find out how candidates stand on ANY issue. If it isn't said in a 30-second campaign commercial, the general public is woefully uninformed about the candidates.

    We need a "Friends of Nurses" list, like the ANA published in 1998.
  3. by   -jt
    A list of endorsed candidates was always put up there, & I thought it was again. I just couldnt get the search button to work to find it, so I sent an email (which anybody who wanted the info could have done) to the names I gave you in the other post. And received an immediate reply.

    Apparently, there is some FEC rule now about posting certain things on public websites. If it was a members-only site, they could post the whole list. But its not so they cant anymore. It would be considered a "campaign donation" & they cant do that. I guess the rules changed since 1998 But if you contact the name below, she can give you the list of candidates endorsed in your state. Or you can get that from your state nurses assoc.

    I understand your point but I don't think its so hard to find out which candidate is a "friend of nurses" in your state. Just ask your state nurses assoc. The ANA endorsement goes to whomever a states nurses recommend. Once again, nurses have to start taking the initative. The information is there for them if they want it.

    Shari Dexter
    ANA-PAC Coordinator
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  4. by   -jt

    Your state nurses assoc has a list of endorsed candidates right on its own website! 2 clicks of the wrist & there it was.
    PAN-M Endorsements for November 5, 2002 election.

    Maybe everyone should check their own state assoc website too.

    Also on your states website, I found something which you might be interested in & would be excellent at:

    <<Staff for Senator Carnahan's campaign are trying to put together a network of nurses who support the Senator and would be willing to help us disseminate information regarding her record on health care and other pertinent issues to the nursing and medical community. We are also looking for nurses who may be able to help explain the Senator's stances on health care issues to the greater community.
    The network would essentially consist of a list-serve group where periodic e-mails regarding the Senator's positions, press releases, upcoming events, etc. would be sent to people who signed up for the service.
    If you have any questions, or would be willing to help out, please feel free to contact Rachel Shields with the Carnahan Campaign at 314-531-2006, or Jan Polizzi, MONA Member and chair of PAN-M committee at (314) 505-5477 or J_Polizzi@msn.com.
    Thank you for your time.>>

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  5. by   Youda
    Yes, -jt!
    I've been inactive in politics for a long, long time. I must say that because of your efforts, rncountry, and Karen's, I am starting to get involved again. I'm also playing catch-up to learn what has already been done, and where to best help. The Carnahan/Talent race for the Senate seat is going to be a very close call. I've been watching that race with a great deal of interest.