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I found this information while surfing tonight. I started to wonder...how many others out there are pushing this same agenda. I wonder where it will and what it will lead to....hmmmm??... Read More

  1. by   -jt
    <<The CAUSE of the instability in the nursing workforce must be addressed ......

    Over-reliance on foreign-educated nurses serves only to POSTPONE efforts required to address the needs of the U.S. nursing workforce........

    ANA OPPOSES legislation that would change the regulations and certification process and OPPOSES legislation that will allow for increasing the numbers of nurses healthcare facilities may recruit from over-seas. All US nurses are asked to contact their ELECTED FEDERAL OFFICIALS and urge them to do the same.>>

    who said anything about writing to the AHA? Dont waste your time. Write to your law-makers. If you dont know what to say, just copy & paste that post & email it to them.
  2. by   Level2Trauma
    I just wonder how government officials would feel if we, as the American public, decided to import our legislators, senators, and congressmen/women from another country. . JUST CURIOUS!!!
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  3. by   Level2Trauma
    Write your government officials!!!
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  4. by   VickyRN
    JT wrote:
    This is a stand off between healthcare workers & the AHA. The AHA will blame everything under the sun for the "shortage" (which is really a REFUSAL to work in these conditions). It will even admit that people arent taking the jobs it offers but it will not answer the question "WHY?" It will come up with every reason it can think of, as you see in that article, than the REAL one for why they cant find staff. Theyre avoiding the issue to avoid spending the money on the needed improvements. The AHA is trying to take the cheapest, easiest way out & the nurses of America are trying to prevent the legislators from being duped by it.........
    Very insightful analysis, JT. Hit the nail on the head. We face a very cunning and powerful foe (AHA) who almost has a sociopathic compulsion (regardless of the cost involved) to keep nurses in a subjugate state.