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HI all, Would like to know what kind of RETENTION programs your hospitals are using???? Baylor weekend incentives, etc. etc?? How has your workplace changed to make you want to stay at your... Read More

  1. by   laurako
    Well, my hospital has recently offered me a $6000K "retention bonus package". I accepted. It was offered to very few, and very far between people (so I have heard). I sign a contract for a year, and that is what they get, a year. Then I move on, for sign on bonues of 3K-4K, for a year, until I have worked in pretty much all the hospitals in the area. Then I guess I will choose the one that offers the best hourly rate to stay.. but that is years to come.... I don't mind hard work, care deeply for all of my patients, and will work hard. Hard work is all that it is now, the same in all hospitals.....................
  2. by   dhogan
    The biggest problem we have had has been retention on the med/surg floor. Starting this month they gave all RN's a huge raise about 6000 more a year. They have also hire more and are staffing with 8 on days and 6-7 nurses on nights. It has made a world of difference in attitudes and less nurses call out and more will come in and work extra if needed. But the best thing that has happened to us is we have a wonderful new director who really cares and takes up for us.
  3. by   deespoohbear
    that is great news!! wishing you the best!!
  4. by   tiger
    it is amazing to me all the talk of the nursing shortage (and i think nv is #1) and at my facility you would never know it. i think they still have the idea that nurses are a dime a dozen or they just don't care/get it. we got a new boss recently who is known for problems. since then several nurses have quit. then, we have a recent graduate rn, who had been an lpn for like 20something years. my hospital reimbursed her for her rn school. she worked as an rn at my place for almost a year. she wanted to go into a critical care area but could not get hired in at my hospital for whatever reason. so she got a job at another hospital and wanted to stay part-time or perdium at my facilty. now even though she had worked on my unit for like 6yrs as an lpn, and had been placed as charge nurse without orientation as a new rn when they needed her, and had worked almost a year as an rn on the same unit-----------she was told she could not work perdium cause she didn't have a year experience as an rn and that there was no part time available. it was at the managers discretion. does that make sense?????!!!!!