Violence and nurses article

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    Great article!! The statement below leaped right out at me!

    "In the state of Massachusetts, it's a felony to attack an E.R. doctor," workplace violence expert Marilyn Lanza points out, "but only a misdemeanor to assault a nurse."
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    Survey of nurses in seven SNAs reveals staff nurses most at risk

    Concern for the safety of our patients and health care employees has reached the statehouses as legislators begin to seek remedies to this problem.

    INA nurses demand measures to combat workplace violence -
    Illinois nurse's condition stable after on-the-job assault

    This issue has been in the news for the last few years:
    ANA President Calls for Labor/Management Cooperation to End Workplace Violence in Health Care Settings

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    The victims: Staff nurses who provide the care

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    Murder of Florida psychiatric nurse prompts profession's call to

    Illinois RNs win workplace safety measures

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    Let the DOL hear it from you too. Take the Workplace Safety Survey at: