UPMC focusing on the "bottom line" but looses Transplant Chief in process

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    hhhmmmmmm...anyone think these stories are related????

    pittsburgh medical center's plan is solidly in the blackupmc health plan says it has earned $28.3 million in 2003, a milestone that puts it solidly in the black for the first time since the university of pittsburgh medical center founded it as part of a defensive strategy nearly six years ago.

    pittsburgh post-gazette, july 8, 2004

    transplant chief discusses reasons for leaving pittsburgh medical centerdr. john fung, transplant chief at the university of pittsburgh medical center for the last 13 years, is resigning to take a job at the cleveland clinic, a move he says is partly due to a changing culture at upmc that has put increasing emphasis on profit over research.

    pittsburgh post-gazette, july 8, 2004

    pittsburgh medical center official defends bottom-line focuswhile he concedes that the university of pittsburgh medical center is increasingly concerned about making money, dean of the university of pittsburgh school of medicine arthur levine says concern for profits is not undermining the school's research and educational goals; rather, running the medical center at a profit has become essential to meeting research goals.

    pittsburgh post-gazette, july 9, 2004
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  3. by   oramar
    At least they come right out and say it. I am sick of those managment persons who blab about serving the public when it is perfectly obvious money is the only thing they care about.