Union vote last week in east Tx hospital

  1. Just saw the article on the planned union vote last week at Good Shepherd Hospital in east Texas. Anybody hear how the vote went?

    We desperately need some unions here IMO....this would be the first nurse union to make it in Texas if I'm not mistaken.

    I'm holding my breath and hoping the vote went YES!
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  3. by   -jt
    <this would be the first nurse union to make it in Texas>

    Believe it or not, The Texas Nurses Assoc was the first nurses union there and started representing Texas nurses as a union with collective bargaining in 1968, beginning with the VA hospitals in that state and spreading from there. But in 1979, the Texas Nurses Assoc majority membership (non-staff RNs) voted to do away with its union branch and that assoc has been anti-union ever since. There are a few other unions representing nurses with others in Texas now, like I think the SEIU (or another AFL-CIO union, I cant remember which) at a hospital in San Antonio and the UAN (RNs-only union) being called in by nurses in other parts of Teaxs. So it can be done.

    Good luck to those nurses at Good Shephard.
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  4. by   mattsmom81
    Thanks for that info JT!! I had no idea there were ANY here since it is such a dirty word in my area..LOL!

    Good to know it is being done...you have given me hope!!

    I particularly like hearing UAN is representing nurses here.
  5. by   -jt
    <I particularly like hearing UAN is representing nurses here>

    It doesnt yet but it has been called by nurses in that state to start the process & will be. Ive heard that our wonderful fearless-leader-executive director of the NYSNA, a transplanted RN originally from Georgia, is going back down south & taking on the job of organizing Texas nurses with the UAN when she retires from NYSNA later this year. Since the creation of the UAN was originally her brainstorm, she was instrumental in bringing it to fruition, and the NYSNA is a founding member of the organization, it would be great for those nurses to have her there educating them about them collective bargaining, but the Texas Nurses Assoc is gonna have an MI - they are actively trying to keep nurses unions - especailly the UAN - out of their state- despite what the working RN wants.

    from a Nurseweek article:
    "ANA's creation of labor entity worried the TNA"
    <The TNA will work closely with the newly created Task Force on Professional Practice Advocacy......a special work group that will look at boundary issues and collective bargaining. Noncollective bargaining states want to ensure that unions in bordering collective bargaining states won't try to cross the border to recruit members. "States want to maintain the integrity of their boundaries," she said.>

    Isnt that funny? TNA has only about 5,000 members yet they they think they can control the labor rights of every nurse in their state. They may be in for a surprise cause there already are all these unions in Texas & some of them are already representing nurses:

    So how did the GSH vote turn out?
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  6. by   mattsmom81
    I went to a few TNA meetings and found they were a management/ coffee clutch group...definitely not interested in nurses (other than themselves). Most are also members of the nurse executive organization... no surprise. Obviously I am NOT a member.

    I look forward to changes coming here soon and appreciate the good info JT!!

    Wish I knew about the vote too...will do some newspaper searches to find out.....