Story over on healthleaders about nurse impersonator

  1. The guy, who has no medical background what so ever, was busted for falsifying records and impersonating a nurse. He was convicted but got a light sentence and soon he started impersonating a nurse again. This time he got 46 months. I am glad they threw the book at him. Maybe Karen will post the story. I don't remember anyone saying anything in the story about anyone getting after the health orginizations that hired him. Me thinks maybe someones not looking to closely at records. With the situation as it is there is a great temptation not to look to hard. The story does say NO ONE WAS HURT.
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi oramar. I think that the offense, even though it did not result in physical harm to anyone does deserve a sentence. Someone could have been hurt, and this type of behavior needs to be discouraged.
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    Can you give the www.address? Please and thanks!