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I am so angry right now, I am not sure if this is the right place to put this. I hope you guys don't mind me ranting a bit! So I work for a home health agency and we are always seemingly short... Read More

  1. by   kids
    Quote from ckh23
    I do find this unprofessional. Reading your post, and correct me if I'm wrong, you were cold calling these people trying to get them to work? Like a telemarketer? Their employer may be listening to these messages and now you are putting these people in a position where it looks like they may be looking for employment elsewhere.
    I agree.

    Quote from sno963
    I then explain that I am not trying to "steal" any employees, I am just in desperate need to get this patient taken care of for one evaluation visit and I could pay both the company and the OT if needed. I get 3-4 calls about how unprofessional that is (so I figure it really must be unprofessional), but I am still having a hard time understanding why it is so unprofessional.

    If I were to receive a call asking if I could call a staff member for extra work for them I would definitely make somewhat of an effort to help. It not only shows your company is compassionate about care, but builds bridges and possibly contacts for later referrals. I was told that if I wanted to work with those people I would have to make a contract with their company (which could take weeks!).
    It is unprofessional to contact the OT directly and to be honest made your company look bad.

    What you were told is correct, what you are asking them to do is act as a sub-contractor. That is a discussion and a request that needs to be made to the OT's employer, not the OT.
    Both of your Directors and likely the legal department needs to be involved. The scope and limits of the arrangement have to be sorted out, who is going to assume liability and who is going to bill insurance/Medicare.
    You can't expect a company to take the word of a staffer that their company will pay the bill.
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    Maybe you should have the title of recruiter and get wages that match the job description...