Sick Leave for all?

    3. healthy families act
    according to washington post columnist amy joyce, "nearly half of all private-sector workers in the united states do not have a single day of paid sick leave. and more do not have a paid day off that can be used to care for a sick child." seventy-five percent of low-wage workers lack paid sick leave -- the very people who can least afford to take a day off and still be able to pay the bills. in 2005 senator edward kennedy and representative rosa delauro introduced the healthy families act (s 932 and hr 1902)
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  3. by   Simpleplan
    Yeah, I just graduated nursing school and now work in a hospital. All my prior jobs never offered sick leave. In fact, vacation was pretty rare. I had one job that offered a christmas bonus that was equal to 1 average work week caluclated by the hours you worked that year divided by the number of weeks. I thought that was a good deal. Few people called in with a no work no pay policy.
  4. by   Julia RN
    Just posting some resources as an update to this important issue:

    Sen Kennedy re-introduced the Healthy Families Act in the current session as S.910 and the companion bill in the 110th Congress is H.R. 1542 (Rep. Rosa DeLauro)

    Links to the legislation are: and

    The National Partnership for Women & Families and the Healthy Families Act Coalition have a website where you can take action and learn about state campaigns as well: