Severed Trust

  1. Has anyone read the book, Severed Trust; Why American Medicine Hasn't Been Fixed by George D. Lundberg, MD? Dr. Lundberg was the editor of JAMA(Journal of the American Medical Association) for 17 years until January, 1999, when he was fired. I am on page 134 and now know that the problems in health care as a whole are alot bigger than just the nursing shortage. He has written an excellent account of the history of the medical profession and why laws were passed and what the consequences of those laws were. Having been in nursing for 25 years, I can remember what was happening in nursing as a result of those laws. Also, he writes the history of how insurance was first set up and why things are the way they are now. I will have to reserve my opinion of this book until I finish reading it. So far, the whole picture of health-care looks like it is on the verge of collapse. He explains how and why the whole focus really is on the almighty dollar. There is not much mention of nurses, but some broad statements about the caring aspect of medicine. In the introduction he writes, "This is the crisis of contemporary medicine: billions for cures, and peanuts for care." That pretty much sums up where we as nurses the peanut gallery! I think there is little hope for us. The other problems are too big and complex. Any comments?
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    I worked on a unit 20 years ago that was deeply involved in the pioneering of transplant technology. It was not my cup of tea. I got this uncomfortable feeling that the first priority of the surgeons was enhancing their own prestigue. The transplant was the darling of the newsmedia and these guys loved it. Something was just not right. Gastly sums of money were spent helping a very small number of people while so many chronic problems that affected so many more went unaddress. It was so lopsided, something was out of wack.