Safe Staffing Legislations

  1. New York:

    Just the beginning here -

    <<NY Applaudes Assembly Passage of Nursing Care Quality Protection Act

    Latham, NY - April 17, 2002 - The New York State Assembly today passed the Nursing Care Quality Protection Act (A.2581), which would require hospitals and nursing homes to disclose information related to the quality of nursing care they provide. The New York State Nurses Association proposed the legislation and applauds the Assembly action.

    The legislation would require disclosure of staffing levels in each facility, the skill mix of the staff; incidence of adverse patient incidents related to level of nursing care; and records of complaints filed with regulatory or accrediting agencies.

    The bill also proposed that only registered professional nurses and licensed practical nurses use the title 'nurse'.

    The legislation was delivered to the State Senate, where an identical bill is before the Health Committee>>
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  3. by   OC_An Khe
    First hurdle cleared, let us know what happens in Senate and if Governor will sign. This is letting an informed consumer make a free market choice. What Republican can vote against free market choice?