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  1. Health Affairs Nurse Writing Conference

    The health policy journal Health Affairs has a personal story section called "Narrative Matters" that will sponsor an invitation-only nurse writing conference in fall 2003. The goal of the conference is to cultivate nurses who already write narratively but who may not be writing for a non-nurse, broad audience on policy-relevant issues. The conference will explore ways to get more nurses to write and publish personal stories that carry a policy punch and will be read by policymakers.

    "Narrative Matters" editors Kyna Rubin and Fitzhugh Mullan, M.D. are seeking suggestions for nurses who might be in a strong position to contribute to or benefit from attending the conference, either as speakers or as participatory audience. They are looking for nurses who already have published narrative in some form and who are interested in using narrative to effect policy change. Please contact Kyna Rubin (krubin@projecthope.org) for more information
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