Relating to Pa Nurses, Broadcast of Health Care Seminar on PCN

  1. If anyone that comes to these boards participated in the meeting with Lancaster Pa. representative John Barley and Secretary of Pa Health Zimmerman, I want to give you a thumbs up. I watched the broadcast on Friday the 13th and you guys got your points across real well. They said they were so impressed with the bedside nurses and what they had to say that they were going to an all nurses show end of Sept. beginning of Oct. The only thing I would have took issue with was the PSNA representative who was recruiting for her orginization. I would have told her there was a good reason people don't join more often and that is the dues. I have never made more than $20,000 a year in all my time as a nurse, no way I could come up with those dues. I do however belong to PASNAP which is much more reasonable. I am going to contact Ralph Kieser my State Rep. and point out that if Rep. Barley can do it why can't he.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Tried to contact PCN re coverge of meeting and they told me they didn't broadcast it! Did you tape it by chance? Really interested in a transcript for use in posts.
  4. by   oramar
    That is Pennsylvania Cable Network on channel 48 if you have Att Expanded Basic Cable, used to be TCI, just to make sure we are talking about same thing. That business about it not being on is baloney, they just rebroadcast it today. Unfortunately I did not tape it. However, health secretary Zimmerman did give a address to contact him, : : Perhaps you could email Rep. John Barley of Lancaster, you should have means to get his email address due to the fact that you are politically active. I am going to see if I can get his address from my Vote Note Newsletter so I can thank him. I have already wrote long letters to my representative and Secretary of Health Zimmerman. Secretary Zimmerman said to go to that site and email the webmaster and he would instruct the webmaster to forward the email to him.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN

    I bookmarked PCN website as it has direct link to PA Senate and House members list ---

    John Barley address:
    Web Site:

    I will look for rerbroadcast and have husband tape for me.
    Thanks. Think I will also sign up for daily schedule delivery.