Recruitment and Retention of Health Care Professionals

  1. Strategic Planning for the Recruitment and Retention of Health Care Professionals

    Chris A. Roederer, M.A.
    [Oncology Issues 16(5):31-34, 2001. 2001 Association of Community Cancer Centers]
    Today there are too few nurses, pharmacists, radiology technologists, radiation therapists, medical technologists, histologists, and certified registered nurse anesthetists to keep medical facilities properly staffed. Chris offers some good pointers in this article especially in section "Recognizing and Rewarding Employees" especially offering eldercare onsite!. (Free registration required.)
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    There is another good one on Calnurse, something about primed to fail.
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    A Health System Primed to Fail
    WASHINGTON -- When the anthrax scarce began a few weeks ago, the U.S. public health system was as ill-prepared for bioterror as our armed forces were for war when the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor. Within weeks of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, our airmen and Special Forces delivered a blow to the leadership of Osama bin Laden's terror network and Taliban supporters. But here at home, the faltering responses and conflicting messages of health authorities have fanned fears and may cost lives.

    Why? With hindsight, it's easy to spot mistakes. Why, for example, did health officials not realize that powder as fine as chalk dust might leak from an envelope? Why were postal workers not tested and treated as quickly as congressional staffers? Why were statements about the size and hazards of the spores so inconsistent and confusing?

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