Professionalism and how we dress? - page 2

I have noticed that for meetings and classes many nurses where "street clothes" (jeans, tee-shirts,....). What message does this send to other health care professionals when they dress niceley for... Read More

  1. by   Jenny P
    I agree with rjlrn95, I work nights and find that most meetings are during my sleep time. If they would ever have some of these dang meetigs at, say, even 10PM, I might be dressed better. But until they start to realize that nursing is a 24/7 job and their d@#* salaried 9-5, Mon.-Fri. jobs are not made according to our lifestyles, I will show up in more casual clothes- sweats, or maybe jeans or casual pants and sweaters (depends on my level of fatigue and lack of sleep). When I go ON MY OWN TIME to meetings at MNA or ANA, I usually dress better because I am representing myself as a professional.
  2. by   debbyed
    When I have to come in for meetings it is in the middle of "my night" and I am not usually happy about having to be "properely dressed". We are not allowed to wear jeans. Now I would never show up in shorts and a halter top or wholey jeans, but I can't see how wearing a nice pair of jeans while sitting in a stuffy meeting or taking CPR ever hurt anybody.
  3. by   ERNurse752
    You're not *allowed* to wear jeans? That sounds like elementary school or something...for lack of a better expression, that really sucks! I think licensed people have enough intelligence and judgement to know what they should/shouldn't wear to a meeting, and should have enough respect from administration to be able to choose their own clothing for