PA Nurses: Get on the bus!

  1. nurses rally in harrisburg may 7th
    sponsored by: pasnap + seiu nurses alliance

    send a message to gov. rendell & our legislators: rn problems deserve the same attention as md problems

    pennsylvania's nursing crisis affects patient care as much as, or more than, malpractice insurance. ratios- not roses- come celebrate nurses week by fighting in harrisburg for our patients!

    the campaign continues for safe staffing ratios and a ban on mandatory overtime

    when: wed., may 7th
    where: state capitol, harrisburg
    what: rally & lobby day

    why: to show our legislators & the public that there is a real need for nurse-to-patient ratios and a ban on mandatory overtime

    pre-register now and we will contact you about transportation and event specifics!

    governor petition
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    GO Pennsylvania nurses!
  4. by   funnygirl_rn
    Thanks NrsKaren for this post. I have friends in York County who would appreciate this info!
  5. by   pickledpepperRN
    Nurses in California are rooting for you!

    Go Pennsylvania Nurses!
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    Nurses Protest Mandatory Overtime
    Wed May 7, 5:55 PM ET

    As doctors get back to work ending their weeklong walkout, nurses are
    rallying in Harrisburg.

    Hundreds of nurses showed up to the Capitol Wednesday demanding

    Nurses said they're tired of being forced to work overtime and the bottom
    line is that? the patient could pay the price. One nurse said it's common to
    work 16 hours straight and it's downright dangerous.

    News 8 reported 350 nurses from around the state made their demands
    known to lawmakers Wednesday.

    "It's very scary to me, because ultimately the patients end up suffering. My
    job is be a patient advocate. I'm supposed to make them healthy and get
    them back into the community and feeling better. If I'm unable to do that, I'm
    failing at my job," Kristen Keber said.

    They've been asking for an end to mandatory overtime and better staffing at
    hospitals for years now, but they haven't had much success.

    Many at the rally said the medical malpractice and the nursing crisis go
    hand in hand. Nurses said when they're pushed beyond their limits, medical
    mistakes are made, lives are lost and malpractice suits are filed. They said
    that problem could be cut down by ending mandatory overtime.

    "When you're tired working a 15- to 16-hour day giving patients medication,
    looking for signs and symptoms of illness, you're not able to do the best job
    you can do," Marcie Boyer said.

    Right now, there's legislation that would limit mandatory overtime to

    Nurses are confident that'll be passed this year. Now, they're working to get
    a law on better staffing.
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