PA Nurses: Do You Support the Use of Therapeutic Marijuana?

  1. From PSNA Update email :

    Do You Support the Use of Therapeutic Marijuana?

    At the recent ANA House of Delegates meeting, ANA approved a resolution that supports the use of medical Marijuana/Cannabis. Specifically the resolution stated that ANA:

    *Support research on the therapeutic efficacy of marijuana/Cannabis
    *Support right of patient to have access to therapeutic marijuana/Cannabis under appropriate prescriber supervision
    *Support health care providers discussion or recommendation to use medicinal marijuana/Cannabis
    *Support legislation to remove criminal penalties for bona fide patients and prescribers of therapeutic marijuana/Cannabis
    *Support federal and state legislation to exclude marijuana/Cannabis from classification as a Schedule I drug
    *Support the education of RN's regarding current evidence-based therapeutic use of marijuana/Cannabis

    PSNA would like to hear from you so as to determine how PA nurses feel about this issue. What do you think of ANA's support for therapeutic marijuana/cannabis use? Should PSNA adopt a similar position? Please share your comments with Michele Campbell, PSNA Executive Administrator at or 1-888-707-7762, ext. 200.
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  3. by   brains'r'us
    It's been used (without a single chronicled fatality) for 20,000 years (yes, twenty thousand,) and has only been vilified over the past seventy or fewer in this country.

    I have personally witnessed the positive effects of marijuana on my and others' patients. Better intake, better mobility, better digestion, better outlook.
    And Marinol as a legal replacement just isn't. It doesn't even come close to making the grade, either by content (it doesn't have the complicated ingredients of marijuana) or route of administration (would you give a diarrheic a suppository?)

    We're caught up in a terrible struggle here. We need to make it clear to our legislators that marijuana is a therapeutic substance.

    Keep on writing those letters and making those phone calls!
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  5. by   Geeg
    I am not in Pa now, but I went to nsg school at Duquesne, loved it!!!!! It is not a matter of convincing legistlators about efficacy, it is a matter of getting them to stop taking payoffs from the pharmaceutical industry, who wants their very expensive, profitable narcotics to be the only alternative!!!! God forbid, the consumer could relieve pain and suffering without padding their pockets.