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  1. by   Orca
    You can bet, though, that if it costs less money they will do it. Hospital administrators can't see past the bottom line.
  2. by   KarenAR
    Originally posted by glcas
    The taxes I pay are supporting too many patients who complain that 'their' insurance (translation: government provided ) is paying for my salary, and I don't give them everything they demand.
    Just curious - why are you a nurse?

    It must not be the "caring for patients" since your signature indicates that you don't think certain patients deserve the care. And it must not be for the pay and hours since you seem to think it's perfectly acceptable for a hospital to want to max out your hours and give you as little pay as possible.


    If it is an "option" and "not mandatory," and "the bottom line is the bottom line," and the hospital is given the option to save more money, what do you think they will go for? Particularly if all the hospitals in a region do the same thing? Then a nurse might say, "I'm not going to agree to this," but if all the other hospitals in town hold the same policy, does the nurse really have a choice? It's either take the job and put up with the B.S., or just be out of work.

    But then they'd probably have to rely on government insurance...and have to be "cared for" by a nurse who thinks they don't deserve care.

    What kind of choice is that?