OUCH! results of Western Pa survey even worse than national survey

  1. http://postgazette.com/businessnews/...es1114bnp5.asp
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    That link didn't work too well.
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    one number in URL was wrong
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    Thanks--good article!
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    The Tribune Review our other local newspaper carried an article on same survey. I saw it at Hotmail but the link is 10 miles long and probably will not work anyway. If anyone could cut & paste the article or provide a local link it would be swell.
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  9. by   thisnurse
    our state average is $21 an hour?
    are they kidding?

    we have a nurse in our facility, 18 years experience....capped at $25.
    they dont tell the whole damn story.
    this article...and thanks for posting it omar...is just a piece of fluff. it doesnt even begin to cover any issues. it must have been written by someone who represents the hospitals because thats the viewpoint its written in.
    what a bunch of crap.
  10. by   Nebby Nurse
    Some months ago I eagerly posted "interview with local paper" namely the Post Gazette. The reporter listened to my long list of problems with the nursing profession: MOT,low salaries. inadequate staffing. I go into work on Monday, months later and was informed by the staff: You made the paper". Was trying to think if I had done something wrong. Here months later was an article which was basically a recruitment ad for the county LTC facilty where I work and have since put in my resignation to go agency. No mention of nursing issues just part of my quote "patient care in jeopardy". The article basically said that they can't hire or retain nurses due to the nursing shortage. You have to wonder how many nurses are trying to publicize our plight, like me, with little success.
  11. by   oramar
    Dear Nebby Nurse, to an experienced eye it almost appears as if the County is allowing care at the Kanes to deteriorate on purpose. I can't help but wonder if that is part of the plan. To eventually shut them down using lack of staff and poor care as an excuse. I may wonder about this and that but I am sure that the County wants to be rid of the Kanes. They make no bones about that.
  12. by   thisnurse
    i thought the kanes were going private?

    medicine is a big industry in pittsburgh. hospitals employ tens of thousands of people. they spend a lot of money in the city. they spend a lot of money on advertising in both our papers. i really dont see our papers going against the hospitals, thats why they are handling things as they are. I don't think we are ever going to see any kind of real stories regarding the nursing shortage and patient safety until someone dies.
    they are making us out to be greedy *****es who care more about money than our patients. they make the hospitals look kind and compassionate...like they are trying so hard to remedy the situation.
    as i recall they did this to those "greedy" teachers too..lol

    if we want to see anything real in our papers, maybe we need to remind them how many nurses buy the paper.