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Been a nurse 14 years love the work hate the job. Attempts to improve working condiditions blocked by corporate interventions. Attempting to organize at this time. For you union nurses, if you had... Read More

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    Originally posted by fedupnurse

    If you are lucky enough to work in a facility like ainz', don't ruin it with a union. If you work for the likes of the suits where I work, go for it. If you want more info, feel free to PM me.
    -jt is another member who works in a unionized facility. Their union is thru the State Board of Nursing which is a whole different set up then what I am in.
    Good luck to you.
    I once worked for a facility like that.
    Very kind to all from housekeeping, visitors, to star specialty surgeon.
    Patients could tell they were important as people not just 'customers'.
    We were bought by a for profit chain. It would have been nice to have a contract. Along with MANY others I quit.

    My uncle owned a small business with very few employees. One said he wanted a union so he could have a contract.
    My Uncle invited them over for dinner. As they told him they wanted to guarantee the same conditions my Aunt typed it with carbon copies. They signed it with raises and so on.
    That was their union.

    Seriously nurses are too concerned with patients to unionize unless they cannot provide safe, effective nursing care.