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How exactly does it affect nurses? I've heard there are shortages of nurses all across the country, particularly the West coast. And was wondering if those shortages are due to the recent news about... Read More

  1. by   MunoRN
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    Everybody gets health care, even if they do not have "healthcare".
    Not everyone gets the same health care even if they all eventually get it.

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    It's right there in the that horribly outdated and obsolete document - the Constitution... somewhere.
    "promote the general welfare". Do you think medicare is unconstitutional?

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    It is so good, it had to be rammed through and signed before those of us who pay for it knew "what was in it" (Thanks, Nancy!). So, some politicians will have a legacy, but it may turn out to be less than a good legacy, and the relative few who work for a living will pay for this entitlement, for the rest of our lives, in the form of higher taxes, higher fees, and higher prices for everything.

    The media has done it job quite well.
    The full text of the ACA was available for months prior to passage. ACA is not an entitlement, are you referring to Medicare? I'm willing to bet it doesn't do anything to your taxes. If you make more than $250,000 a year then you'll pay a 0.9% increase in taxes. ACA reduces your medical fees.
  2. by   bana_nana
    As the other nurses have said there has been a nursing shortage for many years. And I like the idea of Obamacare providing more job opportunities for nurses, however, I disagree. Healthcare has become such a business and all about the money, when you have medications declined due to the cost, or when an HIV patient is moved into a private room to increase the revenue of the facility it gives me pause to think. As of right now medicare/Medicaid is only paying x amount of dollars for this, that and the other. With obamacare there will be more people covered, but at what cost? Will the government, decrease the amount of payments because there are more people they are responsible for or will things actually improve because there are more people covered and therefore we have more money coming into the healthcare community? So I also think, if the people who are actually getting "free care", i.e., Medicaid are forced to pay for some insurance out of their income tax refunds or whatever means the government decides on, will they not be more apt to abuse this system even more? "I have to pay so I'm going to get what is coming to me" This type of thinking will become a vicious cycle I believe. I've been nursing for 20 years and I am looking into other fields, because in my short time as a nurse we have gone from actually caring for our patients and putting them first, to making money is the #1 goal in healthcare. It's sad disgusting and so very frustrating.
  3. by   Katie82
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    I'm starting to feel like the nursing shortage only applies to New grads. Even tho I'm still in school I've seen numerous job openings but req atleast some sort of years experience. Just my thoughts. Also that lack of insurance n self treating plays a role too.
    As more and more hospitals are seeking Magnet status, they are required to offer increasingly challenging orientation programs for new grads. These "fellowship" programs are both time-consuming and expensive to hospitals, and the applications process is often very competitive. My daughter waited a year after graduating to be accepted into a fellowship program, and this in a hosptial in which she had been working for 5 years as a unit secretary. This seems ridiculous when the hospital has over 80 RN jobs available on the books. This could be a real recipe for disaster for hospitals that are restricted in hiring new grads.