Nursing's "Wake-Up Call"

  1. on may 8, congress will receive a wake-up call from
    america's nurses.

    be a part of it!

    ** nurses to send wake-up call **
    patients need quality time, not overtime. that's the
    message the seiu nurse alliance will deliver to congress
    and state legislators on may 8 - as part of our national
    wake-up call from america's nurses.

    ** get involved on may 8th **
    come to the u.s. capitol on may 8, and join hundreds
    of nurses who'll be sending congress a wake-up call
    - literally. we're bringing our alarm clocks and setting
    them off in unison. for event and registration information,

    if you can't make it to washington, you have two ways
    to make your voice heard on may 8.

    (1) fax a letter to your members of congress on may
    8 and ask them to support the safe nursing and patient
    care act. we'll send you a reminder with a link to
    a sample letter that week.

    (2) join thousands of nurses across the country who'll
    make phone calls to their members of congress on may

    (a) call the capitol switchboard toll-free at 1-877-611-0063
    and ask for your representative and/or senators.

    (b) tell them to support and co-sponsor the safe nursing
    and patient care act (hr 3238/s 1686).

    the more phone calls and letters we send, the more
    congress will get the message. make plans to participate
    and ask other nurses and supporters to do the same!

    ** take overtime survey **
    more and more nurses are making their voices heard,
    and you can too by completing our online overtime survey.

    we are using your surveys to demonstrate the crisis
    of quality care to legislators and explain how we can
    end the crisis through ending mandatory overtime.

    to take the survey, visit:


    i think you would be interested in issues pertaining
    to nurses, such as safe staffing ratios.

    sign up with the seiu nurse alliance to track issues
    important to nurses, their patients, and our communities.
    click on the link below for more information
    from your union, online activism and benefits.
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  3. by   micro
    can't make it to Wa.......but can do the other and will.......
    keep on postin Karen.......we are starting to listen.........and act......
    at least I can speak for myself..........i know i am past due in getting more active in this arena.........
  4. by   Jenny P
    Karen, I will definitely contact my congressmen by May 8th and let them know how I feel and what I think. Thanks.
  5. by   -jt
    Once again, its the nursing unions that are leading the fight.