Nursing Home May Face Criminal Charges

  1. Karen - Did you see this one?

    Apparently an Alzheimer's patient wandered outside where she died from heart complications secondary to hypothermia. The staff allegedly brought her body back into the home and placed her in her bed and said she died there. Coroner is recommending criminal charges against Administrator and RN in charge.

    (My apologies if this was already posted and I missed it).
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  3. by   fedupnurse
    They deserve to be charge criminally, I think! We all have escapees from hospitals and Nusring Homes but you report it to the cops and say "we have a missing patient/resident" Trying to cover up their manner of death is just so stupid. The way I figure it, they would have been sued either way but by lying they are now also facing criminal charges. SAD. I can only hope it was the administrators idea!!
  4. by   oramar
    No one else posted that Zee, if you would not have I would have done so. It is so crazy what went on. When the found her outside cold and unresponsive they could have summoned help. Then it would only have been negligence. Now that they have attempted to cover things up it is conspiracy and CRIMINAL negligence. What gets me is that this came about because of aides sneaking out for a smoke. At the end of my career I was getting pretty tired of my fellow employees and their addiction to nicotine. I was seeing instances of negative patient outcomes because nurses were not there when things went wrong. They were out having a smoke. Any attempt to point this fact out was met with extreme beligerence on the part of managment and the smokers.