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june 7, 2011, 6:19 pm by sean collins walsh hundreds of members of the nation’s largest nurses’ union demonstrated outside the u.s. chamber of commerce and on capitol hill on tuesday. the... Read More

  1. by   jmqphd
    This is about taxing the Wall Street corporations that were bailed out by our tax money. They then gave their executives bonuses and foreclosed on homes.

    You are TOTALLY correct to be disgusted by this. I am too. This is a non-partisan outrage.

    How do you feel about the 800 BILLION dollar stimulus? Personally, I didn't get any of it. No one in my family got any. No one who had a foreclosed home in my neighborhood got any. My daughter who lost her home didn't get any. Hmmmmm where did it go? Oh, I know... to municipal unions in blue states that gave millions to the candidate and party who in 2009 ran the legislative and executive branches of government!!!! And, so far, I haven't seen them give any of it back to help pay for the Medicare I will need in 4 more years.

    BTW: Was this rally held in front of Goldman Sachs? Or the headquarters of CitiBank? Or in front of the opulent buildings and groomed lawns where Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac live in Washington DC just down the block from the National Cathedral? No??? They were the ones that were too big to fail. Remember? OK... so which corporations were we rallying against? Was it the power companies and energy producers and retailers that my 401K money is invested in? 'Cuz that is what CORPORATIONS are. If you have retirement money that is invested, then YOU are part of an Eeeeevilll corporation. Frankly, if those CORPORATIONS are taxed and taxed and taxed... it's you and I who are paying those taxes. See? Not to mention you and I who pay more for our electricity and gasoline and groceries at Walmart.

    WE, tens of thousands of California nurses TOGETHER worked for 12 years to achieve a safe staffing by acuity with the ratio as the most patients that may be assigned.
    Now WE work to enforce the law.

    One cannot do it alone. And nurses experience what is going on in health care. I am proud to have educated the staff of my local elected officials about safe staffing, urinary catheters, and many other topics.

    Um, that's great. As I think you should. Indeed, that's probably a good thing to do since, actually, nurses know more about nursing than legislators and their staffs. So, can you tell me why that means your voice is needed to instruct your fellow citizens and the people they elected about how to use my tax money? And the tax money that my kids will be paying. And their kids, and their kids and so on because the budget is crap. Your. State. Is. Broke. Or did no one tell you that?

    ...Sue Gray, 51, who has been a nurse for more than 30 years and cares for cardiac surgery patients at Minneapolis Children's Hospital, says that her own experience as a cancer patient has given her insight into the financial and emotional pressures that patients and their families experience. Diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago, Gray continues to work two days a week despite her cancer, which returned five years ago and has spread to her liver and bones. She does so to provide financial support and health insurance to her self-employed husband and three children.

    God bless, Sue. She's had a tough row to hoe. I'm sure she's a remarkably brave woman. But how does her suffering make her a macroeconomist? And how does her cancer give her the moral platform from which to direct tax policy? I have two knee replacements and am going to have to have a revision on one side. How much gravitas does that give me? Do I get to tell somebody who the political winners and losers should be? Last month my husband was septic and nearly died. Can he start writing the budget that the US Senate has refused to write for the last 750 days?

    What the heck is the connection between my BSN... my MSN... my PhD... and my 40 years in nurses, and my multiple diseases, surgeries, and chronic illnesses and the political interests of my fellow Nevadans? I have horrible migraines. Can I be in charge of the judiciary committee?
  2. by   dance4life
    Throws towel in I am so neutral with this debate now.
  3. by   herring_RN
    the nurses' main street campaign to rebuild america

    in every city and town across america today there is a "mr. cellophane", as the musical chicago put it, and other men, women, and children who seem to have become invisible to those who set policy in washington and to the financiers on wall street who put them in the shadows.

    invisible to those who think budget cuts and corporate tax cuts are the most pressing issue facing this country, and not the mounting toll of joblessness, families losing their homes, the tens of millions unable to pay medical bills, and the millions forced to rely on soup kitchens and food pantries.

    but america's nurses do hear their voices, see their faces, and feel their pain, and as 1,000 registered nurses rallying in washington this week declared, "we are going to make their suffering visible" and demand a change... nurses walked the halls of congress, one legislative aide warned that "wall street runs this place." another told the nurses to "lower your expectations," to which one nurse replied, "how would you like us to say that when we're prepping you for surgery?"

    nurses are used to standing up to hospital managers, insurance bureaucrats, and even doctors to demand their patients get the care they need, not just what someone decides the hospital is willing to pay for. they know how to fight. so does the nnu, which is used to taking on multi-billion dollar hospital and healthcare corporations, and billionaire politicians.

    our message, which parallels the voices ringing out this year in the streets of madison, lansing, columbus, and other embattled cities, is america's workers built this country, and we're going to take it back....

    through our main street program for jobs at living wages, equal access to quality education, guaranteed healthcare for all, a secure retirement for everyone, good housing, protection from hunger, a safe and clean environment, and a just taxation system where the corporate elite and the super wealthy pay their fair share...

    ... why nurses in the forefront of such a campaign? because they see and feel the broad declines in health and living standards for their patients, and their own families that are directly tied to the collapse in jobs, housing, healthcare, and other basics of what used to be called the american dream. because they are located in every community and because they touch everyone's lives. because they have had enough, and want to stop the bleeding now....
  4. by   WIN007
    I don't see anything wrong with nurses lobbying for healthcare funding that most all of us are going to rely on whether we want to admit it or not. the reason medicare exists is because private insurers don't WANT to insure old people they're guaranteed to lose money on.
    I'm glad these nurses have the guts to do it. Most people don't obviously.
    I think unions give to democrats because they're friendlier to labor. period. so what? The Republican party has all of corporate America to fund them. if someone doesn't agree with what their union is 'doing with their money' then they have the option to not be in it or to find a non-unionized hospital. not like they are hard to find.
  5. by   herring_RN
    nurses to march on wall street tomorrow at noon

    tomorrow, june 22d, yet another group of disgruntled citizens will be m arching on wall street to protest corporate and financial injustice and the growth of income inequality....

    ...nurses have grown increasingly alarmed with the health deterioration they see daily among their patients that is ripping at the fabric of so many in our nation today.

    they are appalled at the silence from policy makers who seem to care much more about slashing budgets than in addressing the crisis, and from so many in the media who are more focused on the seedy than the needy in our communities or the greedy who put them there.

    and, they are taking action -- proposing a main street contract for the american people with much of the revenue to come from the speculators and [color=#ca8500]corporate tax dodgers responsible for the economic meltdown...
  6. by   herring_RN
    A post on this blog asked:
    Why should we pay taxes when we buy toilet paper, but huge corps pay 0 when trading stocks? -
  7. by   dance4life
    Here is a video a friend posted about the economy in 2 minutes. Maybe this will help people understand what happens with our money.;facebook

    Yahoo also reported that Indiana Planned Parenthood is no longer servicing Medicaid patients. So woo! more babies that people cannot afford.