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  1. by   ladybyrd
    The feeling among the most of the staff has been: "keep an eye over your shoulder, and your back to the wall"...Recently, I spoke to a former middle manager, who said our perseptions are correct and that she couldnt take the control from up above anymore, so she left.

    In simple terms, the top people are "obsessive coumpulsive controlers" & the middle management's response to this control is to attempt to control the staff even more! Now with this "new system" going into effect, its as though 'BIG BROTHER' will be clocking in with you and watching your every move...waiting for you to screw up and then OUT you go!!!

    Living in a dictatorship that (honestly) calls itself a dictatorship is "easier" than living in one that (dishonestly) calls itself a democracy, but exibits ultimate control at every turn...then says "you" are the one with trust issues!!
  2. by   suzanne_58
    Originally posted by majic65
    Interesting concept--could we use it to prove that we never get to take breaks and/or meals? Seems to me if it can be used to "catch" those who goof off, it should also be used to negotiate additional staff. Anybody who has this system ever use it for that?

    HHMMM now that IS a very interesting concept. Maybe I just might mention that to my manager. That may be an eye opener for her
  3. by   SharonH, RN
    While I can appreciate the frustration encountered while trying to find a coworker or CNA to peform some duty, I feel this is not the way. A tracker sounds degrading to me. It also sounds like an invasion of privacy. I like the idea of mobile phones much better, they serve the purpose of furthering patient care without insulting the nurse or her dignity.
  4. by   tillie1
    when my husband was a pt recently the nurses at the facility he was in carried phones. i found it very distracting to have that phone going off several times when she was going over post op instructions, doing drsg changes etc. he said it went off 5 times that morning when she was doing his assessment. what about when you just want to go in and check an iv of hang a piggy back and the pt is finally getting some much needed sleep? talk about a rude awakening!! i did not ask her if the phone had a vibrator option, sure hope so!/