Nurse saves the day...denies credit

  1. Taken from the NYTimes on 2/28/03

    "Ms. Schumaker denies that she was a hero. She said she did what anyone would have done-and did it without much thought. "You have 10 seconds to get yourself together and ask, `What am I going to do?' " she said. "Then you have to act."

    "Ms. Schumaker said the real hero was the first firefighter who arrived on the scene as she stood by the patients. "He said, `I'm here now. It's time for you to go,' " she said."

    A real shame. Another example of nursing not taking credit for its actions. Yes, a nurse saved the day, she acted outstandingly because she had critical thinking skills and was highly trained. Somehow, we have to train nurses to take credit when credit is due and get out of the dark ages of being handmaidens and all the other misnomers that the public thinks that we do.
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  3. by   kids
    Wow, it makes me wonder if I would/could act as she did in the the same situation.

    One thought I have about her demuring, it could be in part due to her age (60).