Nurse Re-investment Act???

  1. Can anyone give me any information or good sources on the Nurse Re-investment Act? Anyone following this--how is this bill progressing? Thank you for your assistance
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  3. by   TheBrainMusher
    Bush Signs Nurse Reinvestment Act
    President Bush signed the Nurse Reinvestment Act during a recent ceremony attended by AHA President Dick Davidson. "Enactment of the Nurse Reinvestment Act is a big victory for hospitals, their staffs and the communities they serve," Davidson said. "Providers and caregivers have enlisted many innovative strategies and creative approaches to address the nursing shortage, but this is a complex problem that cannot be solved by the healthcare community alone. The role of the federal government is critical in the support and funding of an adequate nursing workforce. The bill's provisions are a critical step toward eliminating the looming shortfall of nurses and will provide more opportunity for those interested in nursing careers." The act creates a Nurse Corps Scholarship program and extends the Nurse Loan Repayment Program for nursing education. It also provides for public service announcements to recruit and promote nursing careers, and makes grants to improve nurse education, practice and retention. (HPN Online, 8/5)

    This is the best one I think ...

    I found one where you could search for shortage facilities, but can't seem to find it .. I'll see what I can find ...
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    Thank you SO MUCH for the info!
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    Just a heads up, only certain areas are these terms applicable, unfortunately, most of them are rural areas, very few "cities" at least at first glance (in my area at least) ....
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    The main thing is that even though Bush has signed it, Congress has not yet appropriated funds for it so there's no money there for the time being. Maybe one day they'll actually come up with the money!
  7. by   -jt
    The Nurse Reinvestment Act, whic addresses recruitment AND retention, is no longer a bill - its a law. But Congress has not yet applied the $25 million in funding to implement it. The ANA has been asking RNs to contact their US Senators and Congressmen by mail, phone, & email, to push them on allocating the $$$ ASAP.

    <<ANA Pushes Nurse Reinvestment Act Through Congress -
    President Bush Signs Nurse Reinvestment Act

    8/01/02 >>>

    also, the companion to the Nurse Reinvestment Act, the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program, is now open & instructions for obtaining applications are on the ANA website (

    <<Nurse Education Loan Repayment Program Applications

    The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is currently accepting applications. The deadline is March 31, 2003.

    The Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP) offers registered nurses substantial assistance to repay educational loans in exchange for service in eligible facilities located in areas experiencing a shortage of nurses.

    HRSA prefers that applications be submitted online, although they will accepted paper forms. Go to to apply online.
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