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Locally an ER nurse pressed charges against a pt for groping her while she attempted to draw his blood. Can't post the story or link as it's a pay subscription-only news site, but wanted to send out... Read More

  1. by   1Tulip
    Quote from clee1
    Every rare once-in-awhile, it pays to be a man.

    If somebody gropes ME whilst I'm trying to draw blood/start an IV, I may "accidentally" stab them with the needle.
    You know... I was reading through this thread and waiting to see if ANYone suggested defending themselves against molesters. Don't get me wrong, I think what that nurse did by pressing charges was absolutely right. But...

    My aunt was a nurse, and a natural athelete, and a tough gal. She knew one of the pts. on the unit was a grabber. She was walking around a corner when she came face to face with him. He reached for her breast, she took a half step back, made a fist, cocked her arm back and said (therapeutically, I'm sure) "If you so much as touch me you'll be eating your teeth." He never bothered her again.

    In a little less extreme fashion, I would have no trouble dropping the IV, or BP cuff, or whatever and grabbing the hand that was grabbing me. Then speaking forcefully to the person before giving it back. (There is a neat little trick you can do with the thumb that makes it impossible for them to pull away.) One of the forceful things I think I would say is that charges would be pressed if he did it again.

    And if the hospital tried to fire me??? Well... would I really want a job where they cared so little for my safety? But if the hospital was stupid enough to terminate me for self-defense, I'd have an attorney so fast it would make their heads spin.
  2. by   mollysn
    I say good for her! We had a pt that grooped the staff and the CNA's talked about it and were shaken by it but they talked like it was part of the job.. I didn't have this patient and did not know what to say.

    I don't think I would know how to deal with this situation. Nursing staff should not be harrassed.