Nurse is sentenced for impersonating doctor

    12/14/2002 12:00 AM

    SEDALIA, Mo. - A nurse has been sentenced to three years in prison for impersonating a patient's doctor and calling in a phony prescription for a painkiller that she planned to give her arthritic husband.

    Jyl L. Goin, 47, of Warsaw, Mo., was sentenced Thursday in Pettis County Circuit Court. She had pleaded guilty in October of trying to fraudulently get a controlled substance.

    The scheme was discovered after Goin had the drug, Lortab, sent to the Rest Haven Nursing Home.

    She had ordered the drug in April using the name of Nancy Dugent, a resident at the nursing home who was not supposed to receive Lortab because she suffered from liver problems.

    Staff members told police they gave Dugent two doses of the drug before she died.

    An autopsy showed the drug did not contribute to Dugent's death, and Goin was not charged with anything related to the death.

    According to the investigation report, the state nursing board had placed Goin's license on probation earlier because she used a doctor's prescription pad to wrongfully obtain drugs. No criminal charges resulted from that action, and Goin said she had agreed to voluntarily surrender her nursing license.
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