Notice to all STAFF RN NYSNA members

  1. Its almost time for delegate & board of Directors elections again. Watch your mail for the ballots.

    In the past, too many of the seats have been disproportinately taken by nurse executives & retired nurse managers because not enough of us staff RNs always take the time to vote. In order to have better representation for staff RNs on the board that makes the decisions, many of us are making sure to vote for only those candidates that are members of their bargaining units, have CNP experience, and work at the bedsides. Staff RNs are the majority of our members, therefore, we believe we should hold the majority of the leadership positions. Staff Rns should have proportional representation.
    Put them there with your vote next month.

    On Nov 1 - 4, NYSNA will hold its 100th yr anniversary celebration in NYC. All RNs everywhere are invited to attend but just NYSNA members who attend will be voting on reserving a specific number of leadership positions on the Board of Directors for staff RNs to hold in order to ensure the majority is in control & we have proportional representation.

    If we are not there to vote, the nurse executives who do attend will vote this down & make the decisions for us. The minority will rule the majority & our views and issues are not always the same. In addition, the nurse executives have put on the agenda a vote to increase our dues & decrease their own!!! We need to be in attendance at Convention in NYC this November 1 - 4th to voice our objections & defeat their proposal. If we dont go & vote, we'll have to live with their decision over us & will have no one to blame but ourselves when these things come to pass.

    Vote for STAFF RNs (collective bargaining RNs) on your mail-in ballot next month & plan to attend Convention in NYC in November to have a say in the decisions that will affect you. Make your reservations ASAP at

    Natalie, I know you cant come. Thats OK. Send your colleagues!The majority of our members live in or near NYC & the meeting is just a subway ride away for most of us. Youre excused but we have no excuse if we dont show up & just let this happen.

    (next year I'll see you in Montreal!)
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  3. by   natalie

    Thanks for this info and I will be watching for the ballots. I have, in the past, not voted because these are faceless names of people I know nothing of. This time I will read the profiles of all very carefully and vote for what I believe is appropriate representation for myself, as staff nurse.

    I've copied your post and will bring it into work.