Nevada may require doctors to pass tests

  1. Nevada may become the first state in the nation to require periodic examinations of doctors to test their competency.

    Las Vegas Sun, March 24, 2003
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  3. by   Merry1
    That will be interesting to watch and see what comes of this.
  4. by   ERNurse752
    Oooooooh...I bet they're gonna LOVE that!!!!

  5. by   sjoe
    Well, I don't know about you, but I'd probably not pass a NCLEX test right now, some 10+ years after having taken it. Primarily because I've not been doing med-surg most of that time.

    And since the last I heard (very recently) Nevada has a shortage of MDs already, as it has of RNs, this seems like a counter-productive step.

    Basically Nevada is saying that since the legislature does not have the clout/courage/whatever to offend the legal lobby by enacting a cap on malpractice settlements, it is trying to go after the docs instead, through the Board of Medical Examiners.

    From what I have observed in the California legislature, IMHO this is simply a lightly-disguised way of state representatives' gaining more "assistance" from the medical lobby, in order to drop this idea and/or the BOME doing a CYA to protect itself from even more draconian legislation.

    When done outside the realm of politics, this is called a "protection racket."
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