National Nurses Week 2002

  1. "Nurses March On Washington, DC
    May 8-9, 2002

    The Nurses Week event will be a rally and/or march followed by lobbying on Capitol Hill. The date of May 8 is now set for the rally and lobbying, with some details known, others still to be determined. We anticipate utilizing the clock theme and the "Quality Time, not Over-time" slogan. The second day will be a continuing education program, subject matter to be determined........

    Lobbying will be focused on the federal bill to eliminate mandatory overtime, the Safe Nursing and Patient Care Act. We need to continue to apply pressure on our elected representatives to pass this legislation. Congress still thinks that throwing money at nursing education will solve the current staffing crisis though we know all it will create is another revolving door.

    The outline of the two-day event is as follows:
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi -jt. I agree with you that it looks like Congress will simply throw money at nurses and nursing education. Their major focus, justifiably in most cases, seems to be security and anti terrorism activities. As you and others have urged us to do, we have to read between the lines of any legislation coming our way so that we can get a grip on any actual or potential "collateral damage," if you will, of short and long term nursing shortages accompanied by steep declines in quality patient care. It's going to be up to nurses to uniquely craft the future of our profession in a way that will benefit us and the public for a long time to come.
  4. by   oramar
    What did you think of the President just shruging off the fact that nine out of ten LTC facilities are understaffed? That upset me, the politicians and newsmedia and public can just stop playing the shocked and horrified role when abuses occur. They can't act like they did not know anthing now. Reminds me of a bunch Enron officials trying to escape the blame.
  5. by   -jt
    I missed the Bush shrugging over LTC staffing thing. What was that about?

    btw...... re: Nurses Week Rally on DC with SEIU union nurses:

    For the one they held last yr they took 1,000 pairs of nurses old shoes with them, lined them all up on the steps of the Capitol Building, & told Congress:


    lol! Talk about making a statement!
    photos can be seen at: