Minnesota Passes Mandatory Overtime Legislation


    Minnesota Passes Mandatory Overtime Legislation
    Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura signed into law yesterday legislation that limits the use of mandatory overtime when a registered nurse considers herself/himself too tired to perform safe patient care.

    The Minnesota Mandatory Overtime Prevention Act (SF 2463/HF 2993) makes it illegal for health care employers in acute care settings to take action against a nurse for refusing to work overtime. Read more at http://www.mnnurses.org.
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  3. by   -jt
    State NUMBER 5!!!!!!!!

    Way to go Mn Nurses. We just had a conference at our state capitol this month to lobby for the state zero-tolerance Mandatory OT law that we want passed. We made a point to tell the legislators that 4 other states were ahead of NY because they had already passed the law - leaving NY in the dust. I dont think our legislators liked hearing that they werent leading the pack on something. I think they'll pass our law - if for no other reason than that. Thanks Karen - another copy, paste & send - this time to the state legislators. lol. With a note - "excuse me, sir, but this makes 5 states ahead of the times - now WHERE is NY on this????"
  4. by   Nikki Nurse
    Actually I believe that if a nurse tells their employeer that they are too tired to continue working that the employeer then becomes responsible for any and all errors which that nurse may make if they make them continue working. Believe me most "smart" ones will send you home.