Minnesota hospital faces scrutiny after patient deaths, other lapses

  1. Kindred Hospital in Golden Valley, Minn., already under government scrutiny for 3 patient deaths attributed to substandard care in 2000, is again attracting government attention after patient care lapses were identified in three investigations last year.

    Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Jan. 7, 2002

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  3. by   oramar
    I do not know this hospital from the man in the moon. But I do know that once any institution or person get on the goverment "S" list there is no peace. My guess this particular institution is no better than worse than many others. One of the techniques the goverment uses to bring insitutions and people in line is to select one and make an example of them. Just look at that business about no pharmacist on duty. Duh, there is so many institutions that don't have pharmacist on duty 24/7 that it would be hard to make a list. Also, the "errors caused by computer malfuntion" another big Duh, happened all the time where I worked. The goverment reduced reimbursements to the point where it is impossible to provide good care. Then it sends hordes of regulators out to hunt down and penalize. NUTS, the whole system is NUTS. Look at me, sticking up for hospitals. It just so happens I know scapegoating when I see it.