MDs Say: Lack of Nurses Threatens Patient Care in Hospitals and Physician Practices - page 2

According to this article, The DOCTORS have come up with solutions to the bedside NURSING "shortage": Increase salaries Cut paperwork Talk to the employers Increase the use of LPNs for "menial... Read More

  1. by   pacernurse
    I'm glad to see the doctors have finally realized that there is a nursing shortage. Unfortunately, except for that one exceptional surgeon, they don't realize that they contribute to the problem when they verbally attack and humiliate nurses. I have seen many young, new ICU nurses leave my unit because they couldn't take the abuse by the physicians anymore. Hopefully more doctor's will support retention of nurses, especially if it is hitting them in their pocketbooks.
  2. by   fedupnurse
    Instead of "taxing" the public b using more Medicare funds, why don't we hire the Hunter group back in to clean out administration? Do we really need 50 vice presidents? How about slashing the administrative perks and salaries. They think we can live on what we make, why the hell can't they???? Time for the suits and an awful lot of docs to put their money where their mouth is.
    I'd also like to make a suggestion. I know have a personal policy for stupid arrogant obnoxious docs. When they give me ridiculous orders, that is if they call back at all, I write it as an order. I am not paid enough to make them look good.
  3. by   labornurse
    I would love to see the Hunter group take a wack at administration.
  4. by   pacernurse
    I love that suggestion-Let's "reorganize" the administrators and I bet there would be money to spare for retention and salaries. Perhaps there is something positive about the docs finally realizing there is a "problem. They have always been able to get the media's attention like nursing has never been able to do. Maybe this will finally get some of our issues greater attention.