Look for Las Vegas in the News

  1. SEIU is negotiating with Sunrise Hospital for a new contract.

    Sunrise is willing to give 3% raise annually...and little else!
    Last two scheduled days of negotiations are this week...
    then, the union members will be voting whether to strike or not,

    So, keep an eye out in the papers/news/etc towards the end of the month...
    and pray for us! We are up against Corporate Healthcare for better salaries and health insurance.

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  3. by   teeituptom
    I hope they strike, I could use the infusion of some strike pay moneys
  4. by   HazeK

    I had noticed your willingness to come cover shifts during strikes from other posts...and hope you can enjoy some of our great golf courses here during your visit to 'Vegas!

    actually, I hope the hospital can find coverage...I don't want patients jepordized...but I also hope you charge them a small fortune! LOL!

    Haze :-)
  5. by   jnette
    Will be watching ! Thanx for the heads up. Wish you all the best!