Justice Department sues Tenet over Medicare for $300 million

  1. The Justice Department has filed a $300 million lawsuit against Tenet Healthcare Corp., alleging that the company deliberately overcharged Medicare so it could inflate revenues. The suit accuses the company of improperly assigning diagnosis codes for hospital stays between 1992 and 1998 in order to be paid higher reimbursements than it was entitled to.

    AP/New York Times, Jan. 10, 2003

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  3. by   rncountry
    Tenet has had these issues over and over again, going back over 20 years. They are called Tenet because they changed their name some years ago because the first name, which I can't remember right now, was so associated with fraud and scandel that they needed a "new face." some things never change, and unless the gov't stops them from practicing business it likely never will.
  4. by   Sally_ICURN
    I wonder which US Senator holds stock in Tenet? Maybe he/she knows Senator/Dr. Frist.

  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Found this on Healthleaders.com daily post this evening !

    Tenet Healthcare changed to its current name in 1995 to leave behind memories of scandals several years earlier as National Medical Enterprises. But with the faith of patients and Wall Street shaken yet again with new problems, analysts are uncertain whether Tenet and its current executives can bounce back one more time into corporate credibility.

    AP/Boston Globe, Jan. 12, 2003

  6. by   renerian
    Once they get a company in their gunsite they don't stop. I used to work for First American Home Care and it was awful when Medicare was after Jack Mills.