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HMO suit rulings seen as skirting state law By Trebor Banstetter Star-Telegram Staff Writer A series of recent court decisions shifting cases to federal courtrooms has diluted the power... Read More

  1. by   Katnip
    Quote from Gabie Baby
    Clee, you don't know me from Adam. Why do you assume that I wanted to Bush-bash?

    Angie, I have been without insurance. Despite having worked since 16, I have been uncovered for about 10 years. My spouse served in the military for a few years and gets lifetime coverage at the VA. Unfortunately, he wasn't in long enough for me and our kids to be covered.

    What about me? No employer, no insurance. Can't afford COBRA. Never assume, Angie. You could be wrong.

    Insurers, HMO's - it used to be docs were defrauding. Now the 2 I mentioned are the criminals. They do, indeed, have the power of life and death over their members. It's long past the time to legislate them OUT.

    I still say - pay for the care you want with credit cards. Then pay off the cards slowly, as you are able. Unless you care enough to get your senators and representatives to change the laws, what else can you do?
    Not everyone who needs insurance can get a credit card or loan, either.
  2. by   grannynurse FNP student
    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    I've been without insurance a few times myself.

    Translation: I've gone without care.

    You also make an assumption when you suggest payment with credit cards. Some people simply don't have the resources to get a credit card.

    I have no idea how minimum-wage workers are making it these days.
    Minimum wage is currently $5 some cents an hour. And most employers who pay it, they don't offer health insurance even if the employee could afford it. I have two credit cards, after years of being without them. The credit limit would not even pay my deductable, let alone my 20%. I went without insurance for the first ten years that I lived here in Florida. I was lucky, I never got seriously ill or need hospitalization.