Health Midwest Selling-Out

  1. Regionally owned, not-for-profit, Health Midwest located in Kansas City, Missouri, has entered into exclusive negotiations to sell the entire system to world-wide "for-profit" HCA. HCA has 181 hospitals and out-patient surgical centers in the USA, and in Europe.

    At this stage in the sell negotiations, there are no reports yet how this will affect nurses in Kansas City who are working at the 16 Health Midwest facilities and hospitals in the area.
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  3. by   renerian
    You can bet it will affect those nurses...................I have several efriends who used to work for HCA and they said it was the pits as well as the dirt with travelers is not to work at an HCA facility.

  4. by   -jt
    Isnt HCA the group that held the RN staffing agencies hostage by cutting the amount it pays them for nurses - thus reducing the salaries & benefits of agency RNs in a whole region - in an effort to make working for an agency less desireable (rather than making improvements to make the hospital jobs more attractive) & force RNs who work agencies to have to come back to hospital staff jobs? Isnt this the group that told the agencies in the entire region that if they wanted a contract with any of its facilities, they will accept what it wanted to pay for agency services or go out of business? Interesting tactic - kill the competition & you wont have to spend a dime on fixing your own problems because nurses will have no other choice in an entire area but to work for you & in the conditions you set.