Having trouble getting a job

  1. I was fired 2 1/2 months ago. I have been a nurse for 14 years and was working for 4 1/2 years at my previous position. I have applied and applied until I am blue in the face! I figure my past employer is saying bad things about me when people call for reference. I do live in a small enough town that there is not all that many positions available.

    My last employer did report me to the Board but I have not heard anything from them. I was told that If and only If they decited to investigate they would send me a letter for a meeting with the investigator. I understand from them that after that meeting they will decide at if it needs to go to the board meeting for disiplinary action. I don't think it will ever get that far.

    I am frustrated. Very Frustrated. I can go back to the agency work that I done previously. BUT, if I do that, and one of the places I work for, for the agency, is ready to hire. I can't go to work for them for 2 years unless they buy out my contract. So, I guess I am saying I am very frustrated... (and the hubby is too since the bills are getting piled up)

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  3. by   roser13
    I'm sorry for your situation and I can only imagine how frustrated you must be. However, I have to say that I can somewhat understand how you're in the situation that you're in.

    Terminated from a position with a possible report to the Board of Nursing + small town = greatly decreased chance of employment.
  4. by   darms
    I am sorry for your situation, I have been in a similar situation. You didn't say why your employer terminated you, but the fact that you have not heard from the board of nursing is good. I really feel for you I am kind of in the same place. I worked in oncology for 3 yrs left that position because they cut my salery position ( anyone that did not work 40 hrs that was salery across the board was made hourly) adding insult to injury they hired a per dium nurse and gave him the same amount of hrs as me than they did not have enough patient load so low needed us! Because of this I took a position with the same hospital in home health but did not like it I did it for a yr. I than took a traveling position in oncology but I'm afraid my skills are a little rusty, the physicians office I was doing a contract at wanted a nurse that could step in and basically fill the shoes of a nurse that has been working for them for 11 yrs, I'm afraid that was a bit much to ask so I am again unemployed with really no idea what I am going to do and seriously am thinking about leaving nursing all together after nineteen yrs. maybe its a time for a career chamge for you also.
  5. by   Biffbradford
    I feel your pain. I've got 12 years in, left voluntarily to 'take a break', then the economy went south and with it my chances of ever working in a hospital again. I've been denied multiple times by every hospital and major org. in the area for wound care, visiting RN, radiology, GI/Pulmonary, even the very same ICU I came from! At first I thought it was me, but over time it's now obvious that hospitals will not hire someone over 50, with a lot of experience because they can get someone younger, for cheaper.

    Looks like I'm finished, like it or not.
  6. by   RW23RN
    Bad situation-sorry. I was honest but vague with a recent interview. I said there had been some management turnover and the new manager and I didn't see eye to eye and it seemed like a good time to move on to new opportunity. That may not apply to you, but I used that as reason to say, I have several excellent references that I can give you and left my ex manager out of it entirely. usually you can check a box to tell them not to contact previous employer.
  7. by   kcmylorn
    I would question that- "report you to the board" line/crock of crap. That has become a popular line that these 'crazy, in need of medication' managers are feeding alot of nurses now a days. Go to your state's board of nursing' web site and look up it's mandatory reporting policy. They have very specific instances that they will only accept. A PMS-ing manager (male or female) with the attitude of" I don't like you staff nurse, get out of my face" is not one of them. That manager sounds alot like "Santa is coming, you better be good kiddies- eat poop or else(I'm going to report yopu to the board)" Before you go telling perspective employers you were reported to the BON by your manager- make 100% sure you were, first. The complaint has to fall into one of those first 2 catagories. Then that manager has to make sure that it really is what it is not a maybe. Then the board has to send a letter- arrival time 6-18months to you in the mail. My state specifically states in clear written English- "the BON does not get involved in personality conflicts!!" Isn't it a shame that a BON has to put that statement into writting for the nursing knowledge challenged corporate nursing managers now a days!!
    I would make 100% certain you were reported before I would go publically making that claim to future employers. There are some management nurses(?nurses or management whores)) that have a power stick up the rectums.
    I too am over 50 and have had the same issues- it's called age discrimination and the rightful payscale of our worth based on experience. We are not at the entry level payscale. Also- your knowldge and experience level is very threatening to a less experienced manager- they put in their maybe 2 yrs and jump into management because they don't want to get their hands dirty and turn around and constantly point out how you, the experienced nurse ain't doing it right. If you listen long enough to these ass**les- you'll be doubting how you get dressed in the morning.
    Think this is far fetched- look at the YEARS of experience of some of these above posters!!!!!!!!!!!! It's called payscale. Once more- if any of these managers had to go to any of these experienced nurses for an answer they didn't know- that will doom the experinced nurse also- that falls into that threatening catagory.
    My experience: I was told I was being terminated for not documenting a medication. No. I didn't document it, I didn't give it, I wasn't even physically in the building, I wasn't scheduled to be in the building that day- I was at another job, for the state DOH, on their payroll books for that day. So no I didn't document that F****ng med go find the nurse that was there, moron manager with 2 yr hands on experience!!!! And don't ask me to show you how to flush a PICC line again or how to give an IV ABTX via the PICC again!! If you don't know, you should be where you are!!!! Oh and here it is 2 yrs later since that termination and I get an e-mail from the nurse recruiter of that place asking me if I'm interested in a part time 11-7 position. They got a very detailed response to their offer complete with names, dates and times(I kept my schedule). If you keep you eyes and ears open- you will find "What goes around comes around"
    2 1/2 months for an experienced nurse to be out of a job in this economy is a little short. Gone are the days of going from one job to another in a matter of days. I would not get discouraged, keep applying, apply out of your area- be prepared to commute farther than before- just get out of that small town, it is a waiting game and think out of the box for positions- I had to, try some temp work, apply for unemployment- those bills need to be paid and be ready to take a pay cut- I had to do that also. It has been difficult. There are some managment nursing- APN's and NP's included in this( I am working with one such NP she is new to the practice so she is going to make her mark so she feels), that delight in putting the screws to the little staff nurse.
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