'Granny cams' urged in Florida nursing homes

  1. Florida Times-Union, Jan. 25, 2002

    Two Florida state agencies have recommended the use of so-called "granny cams" as a way to help family members keep an eye on the care of loved ones in nursing homes.

    Lawsuits main reason for plan ecommended by review panel....................

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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi Karen. How does the "granny cams" improve the staffing ratios, working conditions, and pay? IMO, these are the issues that should take and are center stage in LTC. The proposal outlined simply ends up being a game of "gotcha." Governor Bush as well as all the other governors need to do something with their budgets and appealing to DHHS to help improve the funding of nursing home care and oversight over LTC management so that patient care can improve. This should be their focus, not winning an election.
  4. by   teeituptom
    Dont granny cams pose a violation of patient confidentiality, rather than protection. Isnt the surer way is to raise pay and training and certification of the caregivers who are taking care of our beloved elderly.
    They were there for us during WWII,KOREA,VIET NAM, etc. To protect our lifestyles, our beliefs,our way of life, whatever that may be. Dont we owe them the compassion they so justly deserve and the caring they are entitled to. Now we are shortchanging them financially and caringly in every way possible.
    What is wrong with us.
    But granny cams is a disreputable idea