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  1. Does anyone here know of any hospitals in Florida that have a good New Graduate program? I am planning on moving to Florida soon and just want to start looking into some different hospitals. An info would be really great!
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  3. by   betts
    Orlando Regional Healthcare System (Orlando Regional Medical Center)

  4. by   tlt24
    I was planning on going with Florida Hospital after school. They offer scholarship programs, loan forgiveness, and most important for me was their Critical Care Nurse Internship. Below is what their website states they offer as far as programs.


    Florida Hospital offers many different training and educational programs in many different areas within the hospital system. These include clinical programs such as: Graduate Nurse Internship Program, Critical Care Nurse Internship Program, Operating Room Nurse Internship Program, Graduate Practical Nurse Program, Advanced Practical Nurse Program, and various Respiratory Care Internship Programs. Non-clinical programs include the 3 year Management Internship (Accounting, Finance, and Leadership tracts) and Student Summer Business Internship.
  5. by   -jt
    While youre all down there in Florida, why not take a moment to send a note to your state elected officials (including the gov) & tell them to support the proposed staffing ratio legsilation thats now being debated in the state legislature and to vote it into law. You'll benefit from already having this law in place when you get to the bedside......

    "Nurse Staffing, Overtime Bill Introduced in Florida -

    A bill introduced recently in the Florida Senate would establish minimum nurse-to-patient hospital staffing ratios even more stringent than the ones announced earlier in California, while also setting minimum ratios for facilities other than hospitals. Additionally, this bill includes banning mandatory overtime for direct-care nurses.

    The proposed Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act, backed by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU/AFL-CIO), would set minimum nurse-to-patient ratios of:

    1:1 in operating rooms and trauma emergency rooms

    1:2 in critical care/intensive care, labor and delivery, and post anesthesia recovery rooms

    1:3 in the Emergency Department, pediatrics, and telemetry

    1:4 in medical-surgical units and intermediate nurseries

    1:5 in skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities

    1:6 in postpartum and well baby nurseries.

    The Florida Hospital Association opposes the legislation on the grounds that hospitals need the flexibility to determine staffing based on the condition and needs of patients, and the experience and education mix of the patient care team."


    Good luck ; )
  6. by   betts
    Bayfront Medical Center
    At Bayfront Medical Center, we're proud of our appointment as a Magnet Destination by the American Nurses Credentialing Center - one of only 30 appointments made nationwide. We strive to provide state-of-the-art medical treatment to our patients and all of the resources, including a family-friendly environment within a diversified work force, our team members need to succeed professionally and personally as well. And that includes such industry-leading benefits as exceptional salaries, flexible scheduling, on-site fitness and day care centers, an elementary school up to 4th grade, sick child care, tuition reimbursement, a loan forgiveness program, and on-site communication, teamwork, and leadership classes to give them the career development and personal growth opportunities they deserve. Come see for yourself why Working Mother magazine named Bayfront Medical Center as one of their"100 Best Employees: for 7 consecutive years.

    Our Magnet Hospital "Attracts" The Best Healthcare Professionals!

    Internships for Critical Care and ER available beginning April 1, 2002

    - RN opportunities are available in all of our Specialty Areas.

    - Manager, Same Day Surgery also available.

    - Graduate nurses welcome!

    - We offer flexible full and part-time schedules, Seasonal Pool, Regular Pool and weekends only (with F/T benefits!).

    Paid Externships Available During the Summer!

    We believe that skills are not measured in years of experience, but rather in aptitude and attitude. Come discover why talented healthcare professionals like you are so strongly "attracted" to our Magnet hospital!

    Bayfront Health System

    Apply on-line at www.bayfront.org

    or forward your resume to: E-Mail: cheryl.robinson@bayfront.org

    Fax: (727) 893-6962, Phone: (866) 277-7007

    Equal Opportunity Employer - M/F/D/V

    Website: www.bayfront.org