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  1. by   crankyasanoldma
    How in the world do union people quit jobs?
  2. by   -jt
    [QUOTE=crankyasanoldma]How in the world do union people quit jobs?[/Q]

    What do you mean how? We just give our notice same as everybody else. How many weeks of notice it is depends on what was agreed to in the contract. Could be 2 - 4 weeks. If for some reason we dont want to give any notice, we can just quit right there and then, but then we forfeit whatever accumulations of sick time, vacation time, etc that we had banked. If we had used that all up already and there is nothing left sitting in there, theres nothing to lose by not giving notice and just quitting. If we do have accumulations & do give the appropriate notice, we get our banked accumulations in a paycheck called "terminal benefit". Union contracts are not like traveler contracts. We are not "under contract" to work a specified period of time. Our contracts are about all the other terms of employment, the professional needs of the RN, and the conditions in the workplace. We can quit anytime.

    Anyway, you dont have to have a union to have a contract. The CEO, other executives and professionals where you work probably dont have a union either, but you can bet your britches they ALL have a contract with your employer and that THEY helped decide the terms of it.