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I am curious to know what anyone out there thinks about this... This hospital I work at (a large corporation) has a policy of not offering extra pay for nurses who have higher degrees (BSN vs... Read More

  1. by   NurseDennie
    Good point, susanmary - I have a friend who went from ADN to BSN to MSN and has kept exactly the same job. No more money, as far as I know. But she did it for her. She was a bit offended to be told that she wasn't using critical thinking as an ADN. Heh heh.

    If you belong to this BB and see this thread, you're still my hero!!


  2. by   fedupnurse
    My facility doesn't pay squat for a BSN or national Certs. The only thing I want in a bedside nurse, be it if I am God forbid the patient, or as a colleague, is someone who is clinically competent. I couldn't care less about what initials people have after their names. I have a BSN and CCRN and the BSN didn't do anything to enhance my career as a bedside clinician. The CCRN really doesn't mean anythign anymore because the AACN took away the clinical requirement a couple of years ago, so we have suits that haven't touch patients and couldn't find their way around a suction catheter with CCRN after their names. Give me someone who can think fast on their feet and pull the patients butt out of the fire without being held by the hand, and I will work with that nurse any day of the week.