1. So I have been displaced in my job as an L&D nurse and got called from the hospital to see if I want to talk to HR about a severance package. What does this mean and will it affect my ability to apply and receive unemployement as a result of accepting it?
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  3. by   Asystole RN
    A severance package is basically a settlement from the company, it is a negotiated sum of money and/or benefits for a period of time in exchange for an agreement that the employee will not attempt to collect unemployment and/or sue for wrongful termination.

    They are a rare gift, I would be happily surprised if offered one, less the being terminated part of course.

    From those who I have known that have received severance packages, the package is usually a sum greater than what they would have received from unemployment. My father in-law used to work for MCI and received a total of 5 severance packages, being terminated and then rehired again and again. He would joke that they were like extended paid vacations.