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The Boston Globe 2/24/2004 Vocal critic of abuse by clergy found dead By Brian MacQuarrie Patrick McSorley, a victim of defrocked priest John J. Geoghan who became one of the most visible... Read More

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    Single payerr would not be run by the feds. It would be financed through the feds but managed by the states. See
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    And a society that allows its citizens to have to play Russian Roulette constantly with their health, is not a responsible society.

    Nurse Hardee
    It's survival of the fittest, and perish to those that cannot prioritize health over immediate pleasure.
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    A year and a half later the numbness has never left. A few days ago she lost 85% of eyesight in right eye, went to ER, they said not their problem, and the sent her to a optomatrist, not a doctor!! He said he knew what was wrong, "You need to go see a neurologist!" Off we went to the university! Within minutes, they knew what what wrong, just from her history and present symptoms. They sent her for a MRI to verify, She has MS!
    She had a year and a half of symptoms and never went for the recommended follow up. Once they got the anemia out of the way perhaps the final diagnosis would be clearer. IMO patients are responsible for following up on their care themselves. It's isn't the health care communities' mandate to provide transportation.

    Any hospital receiving funding from medicare/medicaid must provide emergency stabilization. They are under no obligation to provide long term care and follow up of chronic issues as a pcp would do. Patients, again, have to take on that responsibility for themselves. It sounds like once your relative lost her sight she was able to get a ride to the university very quickly. Why couldn't she be seen before the year and a half- and possibly have prevented the emergency situation?
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    It's survival of the fittest, and perish to those that cannot prioritize health over immediate pleasure.
    "Rights" vs responsibilities- in many cases, pts want the former but not the latter
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    Well, she did go to the university, they put in a IUD because of the heavy periods. And said It would get better, and they would recheck her in 6 months, cause that was the soonest that they could get her back in. Did I mention that she is in severe poverty since the death of my father, 2 years ago! I myself saved up to get her to the university, which I have to do again Monday to the Neuro Opthomologist then Tuesday to the Gyno, I have done it everytime! With no insurance she has to be on a waiting list to see a Neurologist, which means she's gonna keep deteriorating till they feel they have a minute!