Cameo's of Caring

  1. Bittersweet honor for St. Francis nurse

    Sheila Paul is among 38 nurses being honored at this year's Cameos of Caring nursing award. It's a bittersweet award because she is the last winner ever from St. Francis Medical Center in Lawrenceville, Pa., which discharged its last patient Sept. 6.

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Oct. 1, 2002

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    2002 Cameos of Caring Awards

    The University of Pittsburgh's School of Nursing fourth annual Cameos of Caring Awards for the first time recognize five advanced practice nurses among the 38 registered nurses who will be honored Oct. 5 at a gala celebration at the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel, Downtown.

    Thirty-two hospitals in southwestern Pennsylvania now participate in the program that honors the work done by nurses, as well as raises money for scholarships. Hospitals nominate candidates they believe have served as role models in demonstrating excellence, commitment and advocacy.
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  3. by   oramar
    "we were all more patient oriented than money oriented" Yes that is what did them in for sure. The hospital cared about the staff, the staff cared about the patients, in this society that is always punished. I salute all the fine St Francis grads I worked with over the years. Musta been hundreds of them.