Californian Nurse patient ratios

  1. I have been reading in one of my monthly journals (The ANJ - Australian Nursing Journal March 2002) that the quote-

    'Californian nursing unions celebrated the successful friution of 10 years lobbying when the Californian Government announced its new minimum nurse-patient ratios under the Safe staffing law.'

    I have looked back over the past couple of months and havent found actual reference to this development- is it because l am not looking in the right place, for it to be seen as a positive step forward for your staffing levels or is just that it isnt seen as an important development at this stage?

    Curisoty question here -

    I am a firm beleiver in our nursing association in Australia and see them as having acheived a lot of positive steps for nurses in general - however - it is a long and difficult struggle as l do not believe that nurses are valued beyond lip service by any body except the 'general public' - That is why there is this eternal struggle for both recognition and renumeration. -

    Iam interested in how the moves towards nurse patient ratios are viewed within your countries.

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Welcome Sandra:

    Look at these previous threads:

    Hot off the press from CNA:

    California Staffing Ratios
    The ratios must still be finalized following
    a public comment period.
    The official minimum nurse-to-patient ratios set by the Department of Health Services.

    Calif: "Nurses + Politics"
    Check out this newspaper commentary re California's staffing legislation and the nursing unions.

    Also visit CNA's website listed above.
  4. by   Tookie
    Thank you NRSKaren RN
    I thought it must have mad the bulletin board somewhere just couldnt find it - l do hope that this continues in the rigyt direction for the nurses there - it is a step forward and one that l thought would have more general discussion from other nurses
    Thank you again