Book-- Florence Nightingale Today: Healing, Leadership, Global Action

  1. from: 2007 nightingale initiative for global health inc


    The founder of modern nursing throughout the world, Florence Nightingale, also pioneered health science, health statistics, social reform and what we now term evidence-based practice, holistic nursing, nursing theory and public health.

    Three renowned nurse scholars and the director of the Nightingale museum in London come together to present a unique portrayal of the relevance of Florence Nightingale to the issues linking health, poverty, deprivation, war and strife and nursing in the world today.

    The presentation is in the form of a book entitled "Florence Nightingale today: healing, leadership and global action".
    interpreting the historical record of Nightingale's life and work through the tenets of healing, leadership, and global action, the authors identify, analyze and discuss the many ways that her work -- practical and visionary -- can rejuvenate nurses, nursing, and healthcare worldwide immediately in our time as it did in her own.

    The book focuses, in particular, on the spiritual values held by Florence Nightingale, drawn from the essentials of major religious traditions. this deeply personal foundation gave her the guidance and the resolve to sustain her vision and commitment, endure decades of chronic illness and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

    The book includes information on the impact of Florence nightingale's legacy throughout the world. it also includes her own words. the full archival text of two critical shorter works: her formal letters (1872 - 1900) and her influential 1893 essay: "sick nursing and health-nursing".
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    Thanks, Karen. I'll probably be buying it. :-)
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    I think this is great. I ordered mine.
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